Cheeseburgers or SUVs?

January 13th, 2007

“the overall CO2-equivalent emissions from all the cheeseburgers consumed in the US [in a year] roughly equal the greenhouse output of 100’000 SUVs.”

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Fish ‘n’ Chips

November 19th, 2006

As some of you know, I’ve just been to New Zealand (where I grew up) and Australia for a holiday.

One of the things (other than catching up with family and friends) that I was particularly looking forward too was some decent fucking Fish and Chips (Fush n Chups).

Herewith my first meal back in the the “mother country”.

F.V.C. Fresh Ltd, “The home of fresh fish”
531 Sandringham Road

Chips: $1.50
Oysters: $1.00
Scallops: $1.50
Snapper $4.00 (not in shot)

If you find yourself in the area I thoroughly recommend them without qualification. Especially on Halloween when the local children provide a free in-store fireworks display.