Greedy girls pay attention: If you want a longer, deeper, more intense orgasm, you’ve (ahem) come to the right place. Considering the average female orgasm lasts between 15 and 30 seconds, it’s not surprising that many women feel a little, well, cheated when it comes to coming.

Now imagine an orgasm that lasts a full 30 minutes, This was the astonishing promise of two U.S. sexologists who pioneered what’s called the Extended Sexual Orgasm technique in the 80s. It was a pretty big claim – and it got a pretty big response at the time. But just like the G-spot, when people couldn’t figure out the whole orgasmic program in five minutes flat, it quickly and quietly disappeared into the “too complicated” basket… until now.

Sex therapists have recently resurrected Extended Sexual Orgasm (ESO) – and are seeing some spectacular results. What’s changed? The fact is, we’re far more sex-savvy now than ever before. So let’s get started.

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