Reincarnation or (Tanaasokh) has been always a question for me, I found the following paragraph cool:

“Your book references quantum physics. How do quantum theories relate to reincarnation, do you think?

I think they relate in the sense that the physical universe is not what it seems to be, from what we can tell from quantum mechanics. And at least on a quantum level, it seems to be dependent on our observation of it. Quantum physicists talk about electrons, or events being potential, rather than actual physical entities. So that there are various potentials, basically until somebody looks, and then it sort of forces the universe to make a determination about which potential is going to be actualized.

So one take-home message from that is that consciousness is not just a by-product of a physical brain but is actually a separate entity in the universe that has a big impact on things in the universe. And there are people looking at the idea of how, in a quantum way, consciousness can affect the physical brain. If you are open to that possibility, if you are truly going to consider the fact that consciousness is that separate entity in the universe, then you have to consider the possibility that consciousness is not dependent on just being a by-product of a functioning brain. It’s going to continue after the brain dies.”

Above paragraph was one of the questions of an interview with a Phsyciatrist, here is the link to the full interview:

Courtesy of Reza (Vancouver)

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