Strange sense of humour

July 7th, 2006

Not the best designed site out there but this guy does have some a sense of homour:

Hong Kong Bus Uncle. Youtube video. A older bloke goes (verbally) ballistic when asked to talk quieter by a younger guy. Someone else films it on their mobile. A good primer on Cantonese cursing. There’s already several remixes and t-shirts available.

Rant it is

May 23rd, 2006


Saturday afternoon 20th May 2006: our site goes down so I contact the web hosting company (web-mania).

They are slow to respond but once they do, they fix it pretty quickly – I ask them what the problem was, their response:
technical difficulties that have been resolved.

Well, it was around lunch time today when I tried to log on to and guess what?

The site was down – so I kept trying most of the afternoon and then BAM!

The site is back up but I’m looking at pages that are 6 months old!!!!

So naturally, I try to get in touch with Web-Mania and their response for the sudden back-to-the-past phenomenon is:


Unfortunately the hard drive was giving errors last night and we had to attempt to repair the hard drive before the hard drive became corrput, during the scan several bad secortos were repaired on the hard drive, unfortunatley data on those sectors will have been changed.

If we had left the hard drive though all data on it would have been lost, so it was esential that we attempted the repair before.

Sorry for inconvenience faced with web-mania. Upload your data on web space.

You will have to restore you data from backup.

Thanks a lot for your co-operation



Basically, as I was foolish enough not to back-up over the past couple of months when we made most of the updates and well, that’s that…

Still cannot believe these web-mania people and how they do *not* in any shape or form take responsibility for maintaining their servers and then making sure that their customers data is protected (they call themselves the affordable and reliable web hosting company) – good Lordee!

Anyway, I’ll probably write a letter to their bosses but I’m not optimistic if they’ll even acknowledge that they’ve been very very slack…